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Producing A Kind Generation (PAKG) is an alternative rock band formed in 2018, in Louisville, KY. The band consists of Leon Smith (vocals/songwriter/guitar), Jewan “Pinky” Clay (guitar), Aaron “Ace” Holmes (bass) and Kym Williams (drums).


Prior to forming PAKG, all four members were also apart of a hip hop collective known as “Hoodstock Records”. While working under the creative imprint of Hoodstock Records, Leon Smith and Kym Williams scored national attention with their record “Sports Center”, including Snoop Dogg being featured on the song’s remix.


PAKG continued working as an individual entity. On February 20th, 2019 the band released their first single “Arizona Sunrise (DEMO)”. The record was produced and released independently serving as the lead single for their debut album “The Kids Are Watching” which released September 11th 2019.


The band’s upcoming sophomore effort entitled “Teddy” is set to release this summer.