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Starfish (Live at the Yum Center - 10.29.22)



From the streets to the stratosphere; Producing a Kind Generation is an Afro-Art-Rock quartet that rhythmically articulates the human experience with unapologetic transparency.

Frontman Leon Smith, known simply as “Dre,” finds a home for his rich baritone vocal somewhere between Curtis Mayfield and Morrissey. Meanwhile, lead guitarist Jewan “Pinky” Clay accompanies with sultry melodic lines; pulling the bulk of his inspiration from R&B greats and the black church.

The dynamic rhythm section, made up of Kym Williams and Aaron “Ace” Holmes, provides a unique bop to each tune; effectively exploiting elements from nearly every corner of pop culture. Their rhythmic approach gives ‘Producing A Kind Generation’ an elusive familiarity. It’s fresh- but makes you want to dance like something you’ve heard before.

All of this is on display in full splendor on Producing A Kind Generation’s newest effort, ‘The Diary Of James Castle’. A powerful, age defining 11 track album. Each song is accompanied by its own world of emotions and unique ideology; working solely to exploit the beauty of pain and the refreshing irony of truth. Their latest album 'WITCH' is out now on all streaming playforms.

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